Follow-me is a feature which most of our customers find it handy. Sometime, you do not want to miss a business call even if you are out of the office.
1. Scenario 1 would be a situation where you travel out of state or just not in the office. And
2. Scenario 2 would be a situation where you want someone else to answer calls that come to your extension and you are not in the office, but need someone who is in the office to answer those calls.
Scenario 1;
1. Go to’. Point to “My Account” and click on “My Voice”

2. Enter your extension number (as Phone #) and Voicemail PIN(as voicemail PIN#) and click submit to login

3. Once logged in, click on “Follow Me

4. In the follow me list add the extension e.g 7965 to which you want to take calls after your phone Rings 2390 For “xx number of seconds” and click on “Update

In this case, my extension is 2390 and I want extension 7965 to take my calls when my phone rings for 10 seconds and I do not pickup.


5. In this second scenario, I want to forward calls to my cell phone.

6. Always remember to click “Update”